The Road To Ranches: Picking the Perfect Ranch for Clients

The Road To Ranches: Picking the Perfect Ranch for Clients

Posted by on 6.18.20 in Industry News, Travel

From 100 year old historic ranches to amazing playgrounds filled with modern technologies, a ranch can be many things, especially in the luxury travel industry. To help luxury travel advisors, we created ranch “families” to build our ‘bible’ filled with price points, insider tips, perfect pairings, location and more!

The Ranch Categories

We understand that everyone’s vision on ‘ranch life’ can vary immensely. Travel advisors are encouraged to use our ‘ranch family’ categories to pair their clients vision perfectly with the core purpose and spirit of each ranch.

For the Love of Horses: Ranches that have an extreme dedication to wildlife, specifically horses. While there are a variety of activities, guests on these ranches can connect easily with authentic wranglers and are encouraged to embrace the sport of horseback riding.

Modern Cowboys: Upscale, elegant, and intimate ranches where luxury comes first. Even guests who have no prior ranch experience can come to these ranches to fulfill their “cowboy dream”.

Amazing Playgrounds: Incredibly scenic ranches that go beyond what a ranch ‘should offer’. With an an abundance of activities, amazing playgrounds tend to be face pace properties that still offer stunning sceneries for guests looking to feel like they’re off the grid.

Historic Gems: Ranches that transport guests centuries back in history, while still maintaining traditional luxuries.Historic Gems offer fascinating stories, expert guides and have a strong devotion to the land. These ranches are perfect for those looking for a true Western experience.

Tools for Travel Advisors

Make the client journey as smooth as possible with our specialized tools that include a: Road to Ranches Video Presentation which covers a variety of ranches in depth with expert insight, a Ranches Bible that pinpoints ranches by categories, prices, location, pairings (and more), suggested Ranch Itineraries that can be tailor made, and a Private Airport Guide for clients looking to break away from large airports. These tools are available upon request.

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