The Peace Rider: Chapter One

The Peace Rider: Chapter One

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In the Search for Peace...

When you watch the news these days, things look ugly in America.

Harrowing stories. Divisive politics. Apocalyptic warnings breed fear-based behavior and hateful rhetoric. 

These days, the negativity can feel overwhelming. 

While our country is seemingly more divided than ever, Overseas Leisure Group contests that the heart of America – the real, everyday people who make up this spectacular place – is inherently good. America is warm. It is welcoming, and caring, and open to possibilities.

Our CEO, Felix Brambilla, knows this to be true. A few weeks back, Felix was reflecting on his faith in America with his longtime friend, Gabriele. A retired Italian soccer player, Gabriele has also spent years exploring the U.S., spending time with locals as he rode his motorcycle city to city without a plan. 

Inspired by their shared belief in America, and motivated to share this positive outlook with the world, they came up with an idea — an epic cross-country journey to meet real Americans, share their stories, and show a country living in peace.

They dubbed Gabriele “The Peace Rider” and mapped out his route. The journey would begin in Miami Beach, weave through America’s midwest, and end in Alaska.

Miami to Alaska!

Tapping into Overseas Leisure Group’s resources, they planned some must-see stops and experiences with local insiders. But ultimately, Gabriele would be at the will of the roads, going where he felt compelled to ride.

The Peace Rider’s epic journey has just begun. Join us as we follow his 15,000-mile ride, and discover the uplifting stories of real, everyday Americans in their pursuit of happiness and peace.

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