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The Peace Rider: Chapter One

Posted by on 8.7.20 in Uncategorized

In the Search for Peace… When you watch the news these days, things look ugly in America.   Harrowing stories. Divisive politics. Apocalyptic warnings breed fear-based behavior and hateful rhetoric.   These days, the negativity can feel overwhelming.   While our country is seemingly more divided than ever, Overseas Leisure Group contests that the heart […]

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South Dakota: A land of great places!

Posted by on 7.27.20 in Uncategorized

From gently rolling prairies to the wildly rugged terrains of the Badlands and the Black Hills, South Dakota will mesmerize and astound you.  Go on a Jeep safari through the wild bison at Custer State Park, journey into the Badlands and ride across the Black Hills on the back of a horse. Tour a 100-year-old […]

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Rediscover Freedom at these U.S Ranches

Posted by on 6.5.20 in Blog, Uncategorized

There’s no better way for you client to travel within borders and remain “off the grid” than with a ranch holiday this summer! Adults only, families, true riders, adventure seekers, or laid back locals—there are ranches for every spirit looking to saddle up. Adventure into views, experiences, and moments that will leave everyone speechless with […]

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Bliss in Brazil’s hidden Beaches

Posted by on 3.20.20 in Uncategorized

Let’s dream of better times to come by exploring the best beaches of Brazil. Watch sunsets on the dunes of the oasis, rejuvenate in blue lagoons, and island hop on speedboats.

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Direct Flights to Discover Paradise in French Polynesia

Posted by on 3.16.20 in Uncategorized

Jet off on the longest ‘domestic’ flight in the world (with no layovers!) from France to French Polynesia to bathe in the blissful island breezes on some of the most exclusive and remote beaches in the world. With turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and overwater villas this is arguably the most relaxing and romantic places to escape to.

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