South Dakota: A land of great places!

South Dakota: A land of great places!

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From gently rolling prairies to the wildly rugged terrains of the Badlands and the Black Hills, South Dakota will mesmerize and astound you. 

Go on a Jeep safari through the wild bison at Custer State Park, journey into the Badlands and ride across the Black Hills on the back of a horse. Tour a 100-year-old gold mine and top it all off with an otherworldly encounter with the wild mustangs of the Black Hills. And let us not forget that a visit to Mount Rushmore is as iconic as the Statue of Liberty!

Can't Miss Highlights:

  • Keystone
  • Badlands National Park
  • Black Hills National Forest
  • Deadwood
  • Hot Springs 


Jeep Bison Safari

Go off the road on this buffalo safari tour by trekking through the park in an open air jeep in search of pronghorn, elk, and the noble buffalo. Along the way, guides will share historical and educational facts about the park and how to spot wildlife. Custer State Park is one of the few true wild places remaining in this country…

Journey into the Badlands

Explore 244,000 acres of protected wilderness, prairy grasslands and striking geological formations. At the Badlands National Park, there is an awe-inspiring natural marvel and ancient history that radiates from the landscape…

Horseback Ride Across the Black Hills

This is not a typical head-to-tail trail ride. Ride up secluded elk trails that wind around wooded mountain terrain. As the horses wind their way through stands of trees, over fallen logs and across creeks, head to the mountain peak for a breathtaking 85-mile view! …


Under Canvas, Mount Rushmore

Tucked with Ponderosa Pines and Common Juniper, Under Canvas Mount Rushmore is located on an original gold mining settlement less than 4 miles from Mount Rushmore National Monument. Offering upscale accommodations and majestic views of Mount Rushmore and the surrounding Black Hills, Under Canvas is a one-of-a-kind home base for those seeking to explore Custer State Park and embark upon the many adventures in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Alex Johnson Hotel

Experience exceptional accommodations, combining historic elegance with modern convenience to create an unforgettable stay. Since opening its doors on July 1, 1928, the hotel has played host to several presidents, countless celebrities, and a few spirits of its own. The handcrafted décor and Germanic Tudor inspired architecture will leave guests feeling like they stepped back in time, while the amenities and services immerse you with modern comfort and luxury.


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