Storybook Summers in the Southwest

Storybook Summers in the Southwest

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We’ve heard countless stories where heroes venture off into a journey filled with thrilling action and wild encounters across the unknown. But now the time has come to turn fantasy into reality with your own summer saga! Escape the mundane city night skies and explore our favorite national parks in the southwest where storybook moments are endless….

Chapter 1: Heli-ride into the Valley of Fire

Begin your voyage in Las Vegas where you’ll hop onto a private helicopter flight towards the Valley of Fire State Park. Gain balance, discipline, focus, determination and strength of mind (all characteristics a good hero needs) with the most exclusive yoga session atop the red rocks formation. Breathtaking views and a clear mind will have you ready for the rest of the journey that lies ahead. 


Additional Excursions: 


  1. Walk along the rim of a volcano (uhebebe crater) 

  2. Death Valley VIP tour

Setting: Shine like a star at Wynn Las Vegas & the Cosmopolitan

The scene is set to begin at the Wynn Las Vegas where there is always something new to discover. From tranquil spas to master classes with Wynn chefs and sommeliers, enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences to add onto your fiery skillset. Rest easy in a Wynn Tower Suite suited for a king or try out a villa so the whole family can enjoy. 


Those looking for the most magical setting in town can head to the Cosmopolitan for panoramic views of the Vegas skyline and its famous fountains.

Chapter 2: Off the beaten path at Zion National Park

Our insider Jonathan will lead you on an unforgettable hiking journey across 200 millions years of geological history. Explore the Narrows through unknown trails and drink from an 800 year old natural water supply. Cool down in the jaded blue waters of a secret swimhole and finish your trek watching the sunset across the red-hued cliffs and jewel like sandstone.

Setting: Get lost in Lazalu

Continue getting lost in Zion by staying at a place that almost doesn’t want to be found…. Lazalu, a once secluded artist retreat for 20 years, is now welcoming travelers. With stars that appear close enough to touch, take in the dramatic views of Zion while sharing stories (and s’mores) by the fire. Fall asleep under the glow of the Milky Way in a secluded guesthouse on the western edge of the park.

Chapter 3: Live the tales of the Navajo at Monument Valley

On the last leg of your journey, travel to sacred Navajo territory for one of the most enriching experiences yet. Our local insider Lorenz will take you into unknown paths across Monument Valley for powerful storytelling sessions and unique musical performances to remember.

Setting: A world of your own at Amangiri's Camp Sarika

For the first summer ever, disconnect from the rest of the world at Camp Sarika. Amidst 600 acres of community space lies tented retreats filled with tranquility and adventure for the most exclusive glamping experience in the U.S. Enjoy ritual dances by the fire for the perfect ending to your summer saga.

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