Apparitions of Brazil: Lençóis

Apparitions of Brazil: Lençóis

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Apparitions of Brazil Part One: Water in the Desert

Over the next three weeks lose yourself in the surreal Northeastern quarter of Brazil. A region that is full of mirages and spirits that paint the sky, toast the setting sun, and emerge from tranquil waters in the desert. See otherworldly landscapes where you can disconnect, escape the throngs over tourism, enjoy five star eco-lodges, and experience adrenaline fueled activities. 

Day 1 – 4: Lençóis Maranhenses National Park

After landing in São Luis, you’ll be transported to the surreal landscape of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park — one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. You will have to pinch yourself to remind yourself that this is real life while gazing across 600 square miles of pristine, white sand dunes that twist and dip into azure pools of crystal clear water. For the next several days, this unbelievable oasis will become your playground.

Go Swimming in the Brazilian Desert

Yes, you read that right – you really can go swimming in the desert. The valleys that border the rolling white sand dunes fill with water, forming crystal clear pools that reach their peak from July to September each year. Walk along the tops of the white dunes and watch as the landscape simmers like a mirage in front of your eyes, the shades of white and blue intermingling as you make your way down the languid slopes. Take a dip in the warm waters of the pool before finishing off your day with a picnic filled with some of Brazil’s delicacies like bacuri and buriti, and of course you have to indulge in at least a couple caipirinhas.

ATVs, Sunsets, & Campfires

Spend the day feeding your sense of adventure as you speed across the desert on ATVs exploring secluded spots. Or choose to slow things down and ride horses through the mind altering landscape. In the evening, watch as the sky paints the dunes in shades of violet and sapphire. From aloft the dunes you’ll be mesmerized by the sun as it begins to fade below the horizon.  

Where to Stay

Find yourself absorbed by the galaxy of twinkling stars when staying at the five-star eco-lodge: La Ferme de Georges. Built from local materials, this lodge embraces modern sustainability practices with traditional, local design to immerse you in the exotic environment. From afternoons spent windsurfing in the ocean, to farm-to-table food in the evenings, this hotel is ready to enable your wildest dreams.  

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