Fly High This Fall

Fly High This Fall

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The season of pumpkin spice lattes, chunky scarves and walks in the parks is officially upon us. But why jump into a pile of leaves when you can soar high into the clouds for the most extreme fall foliage chase yet! Skip the basics this year and take it to the skies for a truly uplifting adventure.

1. Hang High Above the Trees

Soar like a bird over the golden and scarlet trees and enjoy the panoramic views of New Hampshire autumnal landscape. No experience needed, just hang on for the ultimate escape this fall. Our flight park manager Ben recommends flying in the evening as the sun goes down for the best views of the changing leaves during the golden hour.

Credit: Kitty Hawk Kites

2. Zipline towards the leaves

Rappel from trees and enjoy the rich copper, deep golds, and bright orange tones by ziplining across the most beautiful fall landscapes in Vermont! Riders will soar across the forests on 4,500 feet of high-speed zip lines to experience the wildes of Vermont’s Green Mountains.

3. Fall into the Foliage

Are ziplining and gliding not enough of a thrill? Experience a free-fall from 13,500 feet above the Poconos (even catching a glimpse of the New York skyline)! As soon as the parachute opens, skydivers will feel a sensory overload as they witness miles and miles of foliage until they reach the ground.

4. Fly into Fall

Hop aboard a World War II era plane to witness one of the best views of West Virginia’s fluctuating fall colors. Glide above the New River Gorge National River, Summersville Lake or Kanawha Falls and sign up for the “aerobatics” flight which guarantees Barrel Rolls, S-turns and “Hammerheads” on your foliage adventure.

Credit: Wild Blue Adventure Company

5. Chopper Views

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of autumn’s varied display of color on a helicopter ride to remember. Go airborne across Kaaterskill Falls, West Point, Hudson River and Bannerman’s Island. Our expert guide Abbey recommends flying during the first few weeks of October to capture the most beautiful foliage yet.

6. Slow it Down....

Hop onto a hot air balloon and soar into a sunset launch for an inspiring fall experience. Think of it like a relaxing stroll in the park (except you’re up thousands of feet in the air)

Credit: Spirit Ballooning

Bonus: Fly Fishing

Okay, so it’s not actually flying, but those who want to stay on the ground for their foliage experience can visit The Badger State, home to countless creeks and rivers, perfect for fly fishing. Some of the best spots are Castle Rock Creek, although it’s not for beginners, Black Earth Creek for trout fishing, Big Green River, which is easily accessible, and the off the grid Timber Coulee.

Meet our Insider:

Bill Chouinard has always loved the skies for as long as he can remember. As a young child, his father entrusted him as his co-pilot (even if he was too short to reach the pedals of the family plane). 

Now as an adult, Bill has continued to fulfill his dreams of flight by pursuing multiple disciplines including: BASE jumping and flying antique aircraft for over 20 years. In addition to a commercial license, love for aerobatics, and flying legacy aircrafts, Bill is a Light Sport CFI and enjoys teaching pilots stick and rudder skills in his 1946 Aeronca Champ. His full-time job as a flight nurse keeps him in the air, even when not at the airport sharing his passion for flying with others.

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