Conquering the American Southwest

Conquering the American Southwest

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Soak up the fiery romance of desert, wind, and sun as you cruise along ancient landscapes and geological chaos. For centuries the Southwest has drawn generations of pioneers, adventures, outlaws, and now you!


But this isn’t any ordinary itinerary. We’ve skipped the overcrowded tours, found well-kept secrets and paired with the best hotels to offer you the most lavish, live it, wild west experience the world has seen. From hidden swimming holes and uncharted paths in the national parks to land sailing over the deserts of Vegas. Your Golden Conquest awaits…

While America’s sin city deserves its own itinerary, we’ll just use it as a starting point for now. Tucked away on the top floor of a luxury handbag shop lies the art installation of the decade. Let your eyes bathe in the most gentle and soothing colors imaginable with a private visual art experience of Akhob.
Where to Stay:
Since you can’t really put a price on the finer things of life, your luxury vacation will begin at the Wynn Las Vegas. Spend the night in leisure or ball out with their famous $10,000 cocktail that features cufflinks and an18K diamond necklace.

Secrets are fun for the few that know them. Lucky for you, our guide Adam knows all of the secret trails that lie hidden in Zion. Hike a path less traveled and cool down in the jaded blue waters of a hidden swim hole. 

Keep the thrill going by canyoneering in the Narrows slot canyon where the canyon walls are so close that you can spread your arms open and nearly touch each side. Even after departure, the red-hued cliffs and jewel-like Navajo sandstone will invoke a sense of serenity and inspiration that will stay with you forever.

Where to stay:

Zion Mountain Ranch
Hidden amongst the mountains as the only lodging within the confines of Zion National Park lies an American jewel. Drive (or fly) to Zion Mountain Ranch and live out your wild west fantasy by saddling up and riding your horse across the unexplored west towards Parunuweap Canyon or bottle feeding the baby bisons on property.

Love theatrics? Well nothing is more dramatic than the skyline at Amangiri. Tucked into the remote canyonlands of Utah, Amangiri has gone one step further by blending into the land with its desert-inspired modern architecture and reputation for Zen-like luxury.

Come alive as you engage in a variety of activities located in the desert. Trek across the 200+ foot suspension bridges on Amangiri’s via ferrata course or tour Monument Valley with a retired Navajo guide Lorenz who works exclusively with Overseas. Those looking for leisure can take private plane rides or sailing trips over Lake Powell, heli tours that lands right on Horseshoe Bend, or enjoy a hot air balloon ride into the sunset (while popping champagne of course).

Tour Secret Canyon, similar to Antelope Canyon, but with less crowds and more time to explore. This natural desert cathedral changes with light as the sun moves across the sky and the light filters down into the swirling smooth sandstone to create a myriad of gorgeous patterns across the canyon walls.

Days spent at Amangiri will feel like heaven on earth. Luckily, these days can be fully customized for your Southwest conquest. Finish your stay with one of the best views in the country as you watch the sun whirl into an array of colors and set into the horizon.

Live an adventurer’s dream and choose your transportation to discover the extraordinary grandeur of Grand Canyon National Park. Raft down the Colorado river to climb caves hidden behind waterfalls in the heart of the Grand Canyon, take an airplane tour across the South Rim or hit the roads on a jeep safari tour across the heart of Kaibab Forest to the Canyon’s edge.

Afterwards you’ll drive to the rim of the canyon to watch the color of the sky change in minutes, casting a bright orange glow over the canyons for one of the greatest sunsets in the world. 

Where to Stay: Under Canvas
Wake up to the sounds of nature on an all-inclusive glamping experience at Under Canvas. The Stargazer tent provides a viewing window above your bed, private deck, ensuite bathroom and heating system to complement the great outdoors and create the perfect luxury camping experience.

Your friends at Wynn Las Vegas will be waiting to greet you again with open arms and
as your incredible week comes to an end, why not end with the grand finale? Land sail across the open deserts of Vegas or take it to the skies with a private helicopter flight to a remote mesa at the Valley of Fire for a relaxing yoga session. Looking for something more exclusive? End your time by living it on stage with Las Vegas local Lady Gaga herself.

Congrats, you’ve officially conquered the Southwest.

Our Local Insider: 

Meet Jonathan Zambella who has over 20 years of experience at Zion National Park and has explored every nook and cranny. He has all the knowledge of the park and if you have any questions, he’s the person you should talk to. With millions of people pushing through the gates, there are still sacred and super remote places which are off the beaten-path where visitors can have a serene and adventurous experience.

“One of my favorite secret spots to take clients is Red Caves, on the outskirts of Zion. Sinuous slot canyon paths, with hidden faces in the rock structures, moderate to easy obstacles to climb around, and every trip ends with great smiles.  Top it off with buffalo viewing at Zion Mountain Ranch and sunset hike on Canyon Overlook trail in Zion NP, and you have one of the best days of your life.”

-Jonathan Zambella 

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