An All-American Summer Road Trip in the West

An All-American Summer Road Trip in the West

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After visiting the best of the Southwest, our epic summer journey continues in the Golden State, where miles of desert road are traded in for the scenic coastal views of one of the nation’s most exhilarating routes! Travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles on an unforgettable All-American road trip.

Photo Credit: Bay Area Warbirds

Stop 1: Warbird Airplane Rides in San Francisco

Skip the walking tours and head to the skies for the best views San Francisco has to offer. The twist? You’ll be roaring over the Golden Gate Bridge in a WWII fighter plane. Are you a bit of a dare devil trying to make the most of life? Request aerial acrobatics and your pilot will happily take you on a loop, barrel roll, and hammer head stunt. 

Other Excursions: Alcatrez Tours by night & Volkswagon Vineyard Tour


Pit Stop: Rosewood by Miramar and Four Seasons San Francisco

Stop 2: Cruise towards the Hot Springs of Big Sur

Experience the thrill of scenic cliff hugging twists and turns as you drive towards Esalen’s cliffsides hot springs, which have been used for healing purposes for over 6,000 years. Soak in the springs for a once in a lifetime experience in a place of stunning beauty and warmth. Our insider Steven Harper will show you the elements that make Big Sur one of the most unique and special places in all of California. 

Other Excursions: Wild mushroom foraging hike & Grand Big Sur tour by helicopter

Stop 3: Sunsets in Morro Bay

Enjoy the views of the volcanic Morro Rock (which gives this town its name). Sunset is the perfect time to photograph this unique beach town and special formation. Shop, eat and play is the Embarcadero, kayak around the massive rock, or explore the Old Town for antique shops.

Stop 4: Horse-n-around Wine Tour in Santa Barbara

Saddle up on a horse as you’re led by a real cowboy into the majestic Santa Ynez Mountains, where quiet canyon paths, bubbling streams and mountain vistas are just some of the surprises along the way. End the day with a jeep tour towards Santa Barbara wine country for wine tasting and a sit down feast in the historic Cold Springs Tavern. 


Other Excursions: Relax in the Himalayan Salt Caves of Santa Barbara & Flying like an Eagle (tandem flights)

Pitstop: Belmond El Encanto

Final Stop: Hike with the Wolves in Los Angeles

Fancy a boring hike through the woods? Look elsewhere. End your epic road trip with a hike like no other. Wolves will guide you through the Angeles National Forest allowing you to take in the sights and sounds of mother earth. Bond and connect with these majestic animals on deep spiritual levels just like we used to thousands of years ago. Before and after the hike you’ll also be able to get up close and personal to the wolves, you may even get a kiss!


Other Excursions: Make music with a Grammy winner & Learn to eat fire with Vixen

Pitstop: Huntley Santa Monica & Edition West Hollywood

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