who shared a passion for travel decided to turn their hobby into their careers. They were also best friends who met years earlier as teenagers by getting into a fist fight over a game of cards with nothing at stake (but that's a whole other story).

The adventure began as a tour operation in France and business was good. The two founders (who were now over their differences from the card game, we think) quickly realized that through their passion, creativity and knowledge of global destinations, they could offer so much more to the travel industry. An early prediction of the financial evolution of the industry and the effect the internet would have on travelers led the company to expand to a full service destination management company.

Fast forward a few years and the company ventured across the Atlantic to open new headquarters in Miami. A key hiring of an expert in human resources as a third partner and the vision was underway.


Today, Overseas Leisure Group is a massive global network dedicated to providing travel professionals with insider expertise for all luxury travel needs. We are represented in 34 countries through 41 offices and continue to expand every year. Through our brands, we provide unique luxury programs for individuals, groups and high net worth individuals. Every detail of each booking, from lodging to activities to security, is a priority for us and we are available 24/7.

The key to the success of Overseas Leisure Group is the dedication of our experts who all share the same title, Doer. The bottom line is we get things done. Each doer approaches his/her job with the same passion of the original founders. We also share the same motto: The Power of Yes!


To offer the highest standards of travel through a complete range of services and multi-channel distribution.