Our Favorite #Liveit Travels of 2019

Our Favorite #Liveit Travels of 2019

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From the vast Egyptian deserts, to the magical Bolivian salt flats and charming Greek isles, our Doers have lived it all this past year! As travel experts, it’s our job to keep investigating the best of each destination. Check out our travel stats below and see which countries made the cut for our favorite travels of 2019! 

Where we traveled to:

—64 Unique Countries (169 Collective)
—24.6% of the world
—Most Visited Country: France (17 Doers)


Doer: Marine 

City: Spanish Wells 

Not only can you swim with the pigs on a private beach all by yourself, but you see the most beautiful sandbars in the WORLD! 

2020 Bucket list: 

Iceland, Ireland, Argentina, Bali


Doer: Victor 

City: St. Paulin, East Canada 

In pure Canadian tradition, I enjoyed a special lunch in a sugar shack where there were long tables to share with everyone, dishes cooked over a wood fire and lots of maple syrup! I recommend staying at  Auberge du Baluchon and enjoy a massage by the fireplace and surrounded by the snowy forest for an unforgettable moment of relaxation …

2020 Bucket list: 

South California, Costa Rica, West Canada


Doer: Manon

City: Medellin 

“I climbed 740 steps to the top of El Penol for a 360 view of Guatape. Stop alongside the restaurants in the road, they are the best!

2020 Bucket list: 

Japan, Portland


Doer: Michelle

City: Croatia

“Take a boat tour to the secluded little islands. I ate dinner at a typical Dalmatian restaurant called Konoba Menego that was actually the house of the owner. It was very charming and medieval style in a little alley.” 

2020 Bucket list: 

Greece, Lençóis Maranhenses, Patagonia


Doer: Mauricio

City: Paris

“Visit the catacombs of Paris. It’s dark and chilling, but super interesting to delve into (literally) an obscure part of the history of the French capital.” 

2020 Bucket list: 

Punta Cana, Istanbul, Cairo


Doer: Estrella

City: Santorini

“My sister got married here so it was extra special. We spent the week together befriending locals and getting off the tourist path. Go catamaran sailing across the caldera! Our guide on the catamaran was so passionate about her job and city, she started crying. 

2020 Bucket list: 

Morocco, Montreal Antarctica


Doer: Maureen

City: Port Antonio

San Remo has the longest European Bycicle ride on the coast (25km) and at the end of the ride, everyone goes to the same restaurant to eat delicious pastas and pizzas”

2020 Bucket list: 

Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Columbia, Peru, Panama


Doer: Caroline

City: Port Antonio

Jamaican People are themselves a story. Every time I talked with them it was amazing. I recommend doing the Reach guide falls tour.”

2020 Bucket list: 

Tahiti, Sri Lanka

Doer: Errol 

City: Runaway Bay

“I enjoyed the local cuisine and went to explore the Green Grotto Caves. I’d recommend checking out the Runaway Bay Golf Club” 

2020 Bucket list: 

Circuit de la Sarthe, Le Mans, France


Doer: Jose

City: Cozumel

I dove in into the xenote which had a big concentration of sulfur (I didn’t smell good the rest of the day, but worth it)! I recommend ATV riding. 

2020 Bucket list: 

Machu Picchu

Doer: Fernanda

City: Los Cabos

Sunset at Los Arcos is the best sunset in the world! It’s here that the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California and where you can encounter whale sharks, which was my favorite experience” 

2020 Bucket list: 

Patagonia, Jericoacoara, Israel

Doer: Lamelle 

City: Merida

They delivered freshly baked warm pastries, coffee and chocolate milk to our outdoor patio every AM before you wake-up- its the loveliest touch. I recommend you go deer feeding, see the melipona bee hives and do yoga at the Cenote at Chable! 

2020 Bucket list: 

Antarctica and India


Doer: Teddy

City: Antananarivo

“I recommend to discover the island on an ATV and hike on top of the sacred mountain ( Nosy Komba )”

2020 Bucket list: 

South Africa and Skiing in Japan

Puerto Rico

Doer: Jessica S.

City: Santuros & La Placita

Thought I could dance, until I visited la Placita then my whole mentality of dancing changed. I recommend zip lining the BEAST and trying ATV in el yunque

2020 Bucket list: 

Japan and Africa


Doer: Mehdi 

City: Sevilla

“Try the Tapas Food Tour with a Local, Jose is the best guide who will show you real and local tapas bars (out of tourists part). Head to Habanilla Cafe bar where a lot of students offer live music and local flamenco shows.”

2020 Bucket list: 

Australia and New Zealand

Doer: Eddie 

City: Madrid

“Enjoy a wine and tapas picnic at El Retiro park”

2020 Bucket list: 

Bali and Seattle

Doer: Quentin

City: Madrid

Visit the stadiums (as this is one of the major soccer places in the world) and walk around the city to stop at the cozy restaurants: 

2020 Bucket list: 

Africa, Alaska, Utah, and Asia

Doer: Youssef

City: Madrid

“I had a once in a life time experience to attend the Champions League Final in Madrid. For a major soccer fan like me, it was dream I’ve had since I was a kid that I was able to fulfill thanks to OLG.

2020 Bucket list: 

South East Asia,  Russia, Czech Republic

St. Barths

Doer: Jessica R. 

City: Gustavia

The drive has spectacular views, sand is soft, the water is perfectly blue. I would recommend taking a swim in Governeours Beach. 

2020 Bucket list: 


St. Kitts

Doer: Felix

City: Basseterre

The farm to table experience at Belle Mont Farms. The cottages have the best bathrooms I have ever seen.” 

2020 Bucket list: 



Doer: Morgan

City: Serengeti 

“I went with my family for New Years and we did a loop from Nairobi, Maasai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, to Amboseli staying mostly in safari camps. Our guide was a main guide for National Geographic filmmakers and photographers so he knew the perfect way to angle the jeep for the best photos”

2020 Bucket list: 

Mongolia, Medellin, and US Southwest

United States

Doer: Tiffany

City: Boston, Massachusetts 

It is a competition in Boston for the best Canolis between Mike’s Canolis and Modern Pastry. I preferred Modern, but it is a fun thing to recommend to your clients to do! 🙂

2020 Bucket list: 

Bai, Dubai, Argentina, Chicago

Doer: Steven 

City: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Our group went paintballing in the snow-filled woods. Not knowing when we’d finally get hit by a barrage of paintballs, we played our best. It was the activity, the adrenaline, & the possibility of a wild bear showing up that made this day a memorable one. I recommend driving up the Smokey Mountains, go sledding, drink local chocolate factory, and try ice skating.

2020 Bucket list: 

Chicago, Illinois

Doer: Adam

City: National Parks in the US (Zion, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell) & Las Vegas

Driving a sun buggy in Las Vegas was one of the most exhilirating experiences. Going at fast speeds, up and down hills, as well as at 45 degree angles was awesome”

2020 Bucket list: 

Fiji Islands, South Africa

Doer: Oscar

City: New York

I met a band from the UK, watched their gig in a hidden bar and took their photos! I would recommend going to Chelsea Market and High Line (and the museums of course).  

2020 Bucket list: 

San Fran, Arizona, JAPAN!

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